Tuesday, June 26, 2007

maraimalai nagar, in outskirts of chennai, is an emerging township. as existing chennai stretches itself thin, people who want affordable housing, land plots, less commute time are zooming in on maraimalai nagar (MRN)

but one thing is common in MRN when compared to the main chennai. that is the slamming of crucial water bodies with sewage and filth. that sewage and filth in rivers, lakes, waterbodies, etc flies in the face of 'great indian culture which tens of thousands of years old'. that sewage and filth is the reason why chennai's urban water bodies are in pitiable state. that sewage and filth is the reason why chennai's water needs will NEVER be satisfied even though you link the dirty ganga with the polluted cauvery and onto chennai!!!

that sewage and filth, which is the epitome of the skewed and fake development that is happening all over india. a development that chases only money and abuses all other things most notably the very environment in which long standing sustainable growth can be achieved.

(Untreated sewage from the oxidation pond being directly let into the Ninnakkarai Lake in Maraimalai Nagar. picture and caption courtsey - hindu)