Sunday, June 24, 2007

kerala, and its beauty, its elegance, its nature, its people, its wonderful culture, its environment, etc has been chronicled in this blog for some time.

like any other state in india, kerala has its unique issues and challenges. migration of talented youth is one among them. youth leave kerala because of lack of employment.

a decade back, entire india had employment issues. but as states like tamilnadu, karnataka, maharastra embraced the new generation industries employment from new generation industries such as software or agro tech or post food processing or services verticals like banking/banking back office, etc picked up adding value to the state.

kerala has been a late comer to this area. but one area where kerala is probably not a laggard in inviting polluting industries, the industries which slam the people and environment.

kanjikode in palakkad district in kerala is one such place. where fake development or 'developedment' has run amock. where policy, legal and political process have gone repeatedly in favour of environmental abusers rather than the other way around. where immigrant labour, who could have soaked in kerala's thriving tourism or cultural industries instead work in squalor conditions.

when kerala ignores places like kanjikode, eloor, plachimada, athirapally, pathrakadavu etc, india's soul dies. if kerala - with its unique culture, its amazing environment, its path breaking place in land rights, human rights and education - pollutes and destroy's its environment not only kerla is hurt but india's soul is stabbed.