Tuesday, July 03, 2007

jindal, we all know is a very patriotic guy and a shrewd businessman. he fought in several arenas so that indians can fly their own honorable national flag as per the wishes and in respect to the rules of the flag.

but the same jindal has become much more patriotic i guess. shall we say more greedy rather than patriotic. his Jindal Power limited (jpl) has been forced to Uproot Power Transmission Line in raigarh district of chhattisgarh

why so? wont india need electricity; wont india need to 'develop'; wont india's spoiled urbanies needs more and more electricity so that they can splurge and waste it more and more.

jindal power company has repeatedly violated the forest conservation act and that's the reason why they are forced to uproot the power transmission line they are laying in raigarh district.

in a major setback to Jindal 1000 MW Mega Project at Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh, DFO Raigarh take strict stand and denied to permit work on transmission line without forest clearance from Ministry of Environment & Forests. It is not known if case has been registered against company for this illegal act.

jpl has applied for diversion 5.54 Ha of protected forest in Tanmar Range and felling of trees for erection of high-tension power line to transmit power from its Mega Project. it seems the company is now uprooting already erected power line by JBC Machines, cutting steel poles by gas cutters and rolling back electric wire.

going several steps in violation of several laws, jpl has also laid down about 35 KM Pipe Line from Rabo Dam to its plant at Tamnar for water requirement without forest clearance from Ministry.

well, we atleast expect some amount of genuine patriotism from jindal. sadly patriotism for jindal does not come when he chases money. money that is being touted as development in india. and much more scarier and sadder is naveen jindal, under whose nose these developments are happening, is also a member of parliament and also america educated, a land which ought to have taught him how to respect the rule of the law.

below pictures show the pipeline and subsequent cleaning up/removing of pipeline which was in first place laid in contravention of the fc act.


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