Monday, July 02, 2007

the bhopal industrial disaster is the worst saga that can happen to any country in the world. but even worst is the fact that the victims have not been compensated correctly, their demands met and being followed up diligently or the polluter who caused the mayhem is punished legally and morally.

union carbide was the original culprit and with dow chemicals taking over union carbide, it took over all assets of union carbide. by that assets, the liabilities are also included especially when it comes to unparalleled human disaster.

so what should a company like dow do? give advertisements all over the world saying they are greenest companies. tom tom in every meeting that they are in cutting edge of green technology. wooing the prime ministers and important ministers of the world with lucrative 'investments'.

absolutely no. if they want to do all of the above it is fine for them. but they should also have knuckled down, acknowledge that bhopal has been a festering wound and address it genuinely.

but instead they are lobbying (albeit sadly successfully) with india's important politicians in a bid to remove them from the bhopal tragedy and in the process the return on investment for india is 'new investments'.

the moral of the story is 'murder if you can and once you murder sweeten the deal so that the murder is absolved'.

the repeated bhopal fiasco shows how crazy india has become to industrialised especially in toxic chemicals sector.

well for india, when money for a select few is all that matters, then murder and mayhem like bhopal seems to be perfectly a correct path for 'development'.


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