Monday, July 09, 2007

indian movie industry is well known worldwide. bollywood, as they call it, churns out several hundred movies every year, most of them being masala type's wherein the hero is the supreme and he vanquishes everybody else.

india, on the other hand, has also a thriving documentary film makers who portray reality as it is. a.v.sudharkaran is one such. his latest film is Malamudiyum kalam (evening times if translated with my limited malayalam knowledge), in which he potrays the destruction that is happening to the environment of kerala.

he summarises the development that is happening in kerala rightly below.
“The type of development now taking place in Kerala is not in tune with the geography, population, and climate of the State. This is what I am trying to say through Malamudiyum kalam,” says Sudhakaran.

only if our consumerist middle class and politicians listen to these words, how different the situation can be.


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