Wednesday, July 11, 2007

what will you call a thing that wipes out entire community of 12,000 tribal people?

what will you call when the neglected north east region of india is fed with full community displacement in places where monster dam projects are coming up.

what will you call something monstrous that does not even care that you exsist but wants 'development' for you and for the elite of india.

you guessed it right. it is called 'development' - development of elite of india and destruction of forests and tribals.

from indian express report: Idu Mishmi, a 12,000 strong community, fears a wipe out because of the proposed 3,000 MW Dibang multipurpose project. It is a hydropower-cum-flood moderation project in Arunachal Pradesh. "We are not against development. Who does not want development? But it cannot be at the cost of the very existence of our community," said Mite Lingi, general secretary of Idu Cultural and Literary Society, one of the several local organisations opposing the construction of the dam. He said the Idu Mishmi tribals have been taken for a ride due to their ignorance "because our people had neither heard of a dam nor how hydro-electric power is produced."

guess even remote areas of india are not spared from the dangerous 'development'.

( above-Idu Mishmi tribals are facing full community displacement as a result of a monster dam project that is being planned on dibang river-below, amidst environmental and human rights concerns)


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