Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the ridiculous and outrageous case against narmada bachao andolan was finally thrown out by Honorable supreme court of india.

v.k.saxena, of ahmadabad based ngo National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), who bought the case, alleged that the NBA through Ms. Patkar was acting at the behest of foreign powers and creating political instability in the country with funds received from abroad.

nothing can be more absurd than this. if medha indeed wanted to profit from political instability she wont be struggling with poor marginalised people and farmers in narmada basin for several years, she would not have put her life repeatedly in line by fasting, she would not have lived a life of penury.

medha patkar by her constant work against narmada dam illustrated how screwed up the dam project is and we all should be thankful for her in showing a path which we ought to take in order to maintain a good balance between environment and development.

this case also illustrates how certain people can run amok with our judicial system in name of development, fake development at that.


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