Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i have blogged enough on how the eia (environment impact assessment) laws of india is beind dismantled brick by brick, big bricks at that, so that 'development' agenda of industries and pro-industry wallah's in the government(there are numerous among them) can be pushed easily bulldozing communities and environment.

an article in latest tehelka pages give a shocking summary of the another set of changes being proposed by MoEF. as the article states, eia has been weakened so badly it is like a AIDS patient on severe grip of HIV virus. i reproduce from the article
Today both the NEP and the eia notifications have been drafted to ensure that environment is subservient to economic pursuits. The idea is to fast track environment clearance for industrial, infrastructure and other development. Further monitoring, based on which clearance will be granted, will be done by project proponents themselves, with the concerned ministry having no role in it.

adding to the above 2 diluted laws, moef proposes more rapid and dangerous changes as described in the article (below para).
Among other things, this will mean the end of several committees set up under the Environment Protection Act (epa), such as those for the management of Ecologically Sensitive Areas (ESAS). The Act will also override the powers of the National Environment Appellate Authority (NEAA), set up in 1997 — the only authority before which environment clearances and No-Objection Certificates issued to development and industrial projects can presently be challenged.

it is truly mind numbing, that all environment laws are being NOT for environment but for development. then why have MoEF (ministry of environment and forests). better change it to MoID (ministry of industries and development) which can wreck havoc on india's fragile ecosystems with gay abandon.


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