Friday, July 13, 2007

it was shocking to read Lafarge story in cnn-ibn. based on fake EIA, the france based multinational has setup mine in a pristine forest area violating SC rulings and several forest law.

shocking will be the last word if you see the video. outrageous will be the meek word if you see the pristine forests being plundered for profits of a multinational. angry will be one of the words when you see a delhi based company Environment Resource Management Ltd (ERM) doing fake work in twisting EIA study and preparing a company friendly report.

well, when it comes to development, nothing matters. nothing matters except one thing. money. money for wealthy individuals in multinational company.

if the same company Lafarge has done such a wilful violation in say america or europe (or even in their own country france), the top management, wherein the buck stops, will be counting big time jail time.

alas it is india. where nobody cares when it comes to the magic word of 'development'.


At 12:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole thing reeks of a major scam. How can Meghalaya government and RBI allow our country's sovereign land to be mortgaged to banks abroad. I wonder if not only the EIA study was cooked, even employees at the banks and state gvt officials are involved in the fiasco. Moreover it is only a lease of the land, not ownership. I wonder how the bank valuation study was done allowing the mortgage. LAFARG should be more careful trading on thin ice with Indian Babudom. These MNCs are yet to understand the fabric of India. They think developing countries are their dumpground. Regulation is easy to bypass. But they may be wrong in understanding how India works. They may just be surprised. Just last month I read a an article on this project praising LAFARGE in achieveing consensus in this sensitive project from India and bangladesh. They have built the largest conveyor to transport limestone from India to Bangaldesh. Yet even if they fail and project is closed down, they have enthusiastic investors at the world stock exchanges, who keep fuelling these companies' Quixotic adventures!! What a waste of money and resources!


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