Friday, July 13, 2007

as india surges forward with increased software growth, increased manufacturing, diluting EIA laws so that destructive projects can go smoothly aiding 'development', narmada dam issue still festers.

festering like a wound
that wont heal
wont heal because
we wont allow
our growth is shallow
peppered with wounds and blows
inflicted upon ourselves
the weakest amongst ourselves

Senior NBA activist Cittaroopa Palit was on an indefinite fast on its 37th day and she broke it off at that point to continue her struggle in the narmada villages

meanwhile central government and respective state governments are in deep slumber about rehabilitation of narmada dam impacted people running into tens of thousands.

narmada still festers like a sore wound that india inflicted upon its marginalised and weaker sections in name of 'development'.


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