Wednesday, July 18, 2007

this week earthquake in japan bought out worst fears of safety vis-a-vis nuclear power plants. the quake in central japan near to Kashiwazaki city raised worst fear that the radioactive leak might be much larger than expected also.

but it begs the question again for india which is on a spree of plans to mine, build and transport nuclear power. if japan with its huge engineering might and scientific talent can build nuclear plants that are not safe, how can india with its minnow engineer status (except of course while writing application software or bug fixing for american companies!!!) and literally zero proven scientific talent in government circles build complex things as nuclear plants that too dime a dozen.

worst of all india does not even have proper seismic maps or monitoring stations regarding earthquake just like they did not/don't have tsunami warning stations.

if ever an earthquake has to strike india's cities in a big way, we are looking at the death of many hundreds of thousands of people and on top of that a catastrophic nuclear disasters due to earthquake will be a deathblow not only for india but for the world.

india, should pause on nuclear program, think genuinely on nuclear power generation, involve all sections of the society to form a blue print on nuclear power issue before jumping like a baby on seeing a candy when it comes to nuclear power.

will it? or will it only after a massive disaster strikes just like tsunami did?(the affected nuclear plant in kashiwazaki in central japan. if japan's nuclear safety itself in question due to earthquake, what about india)


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