Sunday, August 05, 2007

there is an interesting link in cse home page.

in this blog, we have shown the link between environmental destruction via fake development policies and programs and damage to ecology and hence to livelihood and lives, but cse goes a step further and ties up poverty in villages directly to ecology of the villages. as cse puts it
For more than two decades, CSE's campaigns and research have shown that India's poverty is ecological in nature. This means that to eradicate poverty, we have to regenerate our ecology. Many villages have done this. CSE has been studying their experiences.

very interesting. india's pillars like judiciary, politics, finance, industry, etc are controlled by urban folks who have been born and fed in urban culture, a culture which treats nature/ecology as use and throw thing.

for seldom we realise that majority of india (upto 600-700 million people) rely on ecology in their own villages for their very survival. in order for this major section to thrive we need to recognise and make sure our policies, programs and implementation are governed by this section and not for the needs of the wealthy elite.


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