Thursday, August 02, 2007

as the fast in sikkim against destructive dam across river teesta continues on its 42nd day, groups and individuals involved in this issue has written a letter to PM and President urging these highest officers to take urgent action in the face of worsening health situation of the fasting protesters.

while President's office is largely symbolic, the elected office of Prime minster is bound to take action.

many many projects have shown that the highest elected officers have been totally callous and unresponsive to people's peaceful movements. let us hope the fast in sikkim does not fall in the same category.

the weepingsikkim blog has an interesting letter from a french member of parliament. in india, the situation is vice verse with elected officers acting as agents for construction companies and related industries in pushing destructive dams that are built on top of fake EIA reports.

it matches ain't it. politicians and policy makers who do not care about people and environment and destructive dams that do not care about people and environment.


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