Friday, August 10, 2007

sainath, the latest magsaysay winner from india, writes correctly on 'development', when he summarises the sorry state in his first para.
Rural India is a funny place. In 60 years we haven’t managed — except in three States — to push through any serious land reforms or tenancy reforms. But we can clear a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in six months. In the sixth decade of our independence, structural and other inequalities deepen, and rural India is in big trouble.

not only india's policy makers and elite wants SEZ to come all over the place, throwing all caution, working mechanisms, previous examples, etc apart from displacement and brutalities for the rural people, they want the coastal areas also to be playgrounds for the businessmen and their industries and for the rich and their fancies. coastal zone management with zero participation from coastal communities will strive to achieve perfectly that.

protests are brewing across coastal communities with cuddalore and mangalore being latest examples. i have never seen of a good scheme that can nurture and preserve our coastal areas for our fisheries and fishermen, but i have seen a lot of schemes that can benefit rich so that they can setup aqua farms, coastal resorts, seaport done on top of fake eia reports, etc.

indeed destructive is development, the fake development that is happening in india to our coastal regions and to those marginalised sections who depend on the coastal wealth.


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