Tuesday, August 07, 2007

cnn-ibn's bahar dutt's blogs are different kind of blogs. apart from the usual stuff, it also brings in reports that the rest of india is not aware or probably does not care to be aware.

her short story on proposed meghalaya uranium mining is touching to the core. her last 2 para's is worth repeating and postering all over india just like cinema posters are being done. what talk is development, when all it does is to trample upon our environment and people who depend on the environment.

in a few lines she brings out the fact how local villagers have been given wrong impression that mining of uranium wont do anything bad. jadugoda's experience shows how mining for uranium will screw up the entire place.

if you ask mainstream media or elite urban people who gorge on electricity that nuclear plants are a MUST. for seldom do they realise the brutal impact the entire nuclear chain can create just like it is happening in jadugoda and koodankulam.

I am left wondering - if as a mediaperson I am feeling intimidated then how must an ordinary person feel? Is democracy functioning at its best in Meghalaya? Or is there a reign of terror?

As I board my flight back to Delhi I have more questions in my head than answers. People of Meghalaya who are excited about uranium mining are expecting development and jobs and money. The question is: why should it take uranium mining for the government to invest in roads, hospitals and jobs in backward areas? Should development of infrastructure happen only when a company is setting up a multi-crore project. Or do all citizens across India deserve access to primary health care , roads and schools irrespective of how many corporates are setting up factories in their district. And national interest is valid- but how many people in Delhi would like to have their children growing up in a backyard that has radioactive waste?


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