Tuesday, August 07, 2007

***Please circulate widely amongst your office colleagues, friends and relatives***

Call Prime Minister Office and President's office on the precarious situation of the fasting protesters in Sikkim and urge them to act ASAP

Friends, for past 48 days, the 2 protesters Dawa and Tenzing are on fast. Already the health situation is going down and any more delay will prove dangerous for their well being. Even Mahatma Gandhi had never fasted more than 21 days. This is the longest fast in entire Sikkim's history for a just cause that is of huge concern to each and every person in Sikkim and in India.

Please take up your mobile and call PM office and President's office politely telling that you are calling regarding the Sikkim protesters who are protesting against indiscriminate dam building in Sikkim.

Sikkim Govt is bulldozing ahead with Teesta V dam and other dam projects, all of which can ruin Kanchanjungha national park, Teesta river, Teesta river basin and the tribals and people who depend on the river and its ecosystem,. Worst of all there are huge issues with the projects itself from environmental, people sustainability angles, all of which has been brushed under the carpet in the name of 'development'.

Urge the PMO and President's office on the following things:
1. Ask the PMO to intervene and make sure the Sikkim Govt talks directly to the protesters. This has to be done ASAP consider the precarious situation of the fasting protesters Dawa and Tenzing.
2. Constitute the high level review committee (consisting of experts, tribals and local people) that the protesters are demanding in order to go through the length and breadth of the unprecedented dam mania that is being proposed in Sikkim and rest of North east.
3. The Govt should stop construction, planning, road laying on all the dams that is being planned in Sikkim and do a comprehensive carrying capacity apart from open, honest and participatory environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Numbers to call are below:
PMO number: +91-11-23012312 / 23018939
President's office number: +91-11-23013172 / 23015321

Friends, it will take only a couple of minutes to make the call. Each and every call counts. Just like only drops of water can make a big ocean, your call drops will create a big concerned voice. Please do spare a few minutes of your time.


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