Monday, August 13, 2007

after 'development' of india's rivers, forests and pristine areas, the central govt and various state government's have turned their attention towards 'development' of our coastal areas.

the upcoming coastal zone management (czm) notification is an example of this. not to be left alone, various state governments, including the progressive state of kerala, has been coming up with their own idea of 'developing' their coastal areas.

the andhra state govt too has one such idea wherein they want to mine the vizag beach sand probably in many hundred acres and setup mining and processing units.

i think the andhra govt, caught in its own controversies, has forgotten that tens of thousands of people depend on these coastal areas for livelihood and they have further forgotten the fact that they have not done anything tangible and in coherent manner to improve the livelihood, safety and security of the fishermen but are plugging ahead in 'developing' the very resources that these fishermen are dependent upon.

'development' is indeed 'mine' as the above instance shows. all for the development of the rich self and destruction for other sections and natural resources.


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