Tuesday, August 21, 2007

amidst the slew of bad (or shall we say 'developmental') news are occasional good news. good news that does good for local community for their protection, livelihood and safety. good news that is inclusive and not exclusive. good news that can be replicated likewise in other areas.

hindu article explains how after the tsunami villagers are working towards improving their mangrove bioshield thereby creating a protective nest for themselves apart from forming interesting systems for various sea creatures to nest and act as a food shield.

phew...glad there is no port being proposed in pichavaram by a big indian multinational aided and abetted by politicians and policy makers in name of 'development'.

(mangroves of pichavaram. crucial for the coastal areas and for the hundreds of thousands of people who live in coastal areas like pichavaram. instead of setting up more and more pichavaram's in other coastal areas or the policy makers keep on bulldozing people in name of fake ports like in dhamra and puducherry.)


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