Monday, August 20, 2007

the sad saga of sipcot cuddalore area, where many fishermen, farmers and marginalised people live amidst 'development' of industries is well known.

but what is not well known is the fact that this pollution hotspot has been washed away as a goner for larger good by successive tamilnadu government.

there was a small change last week wherein a committee of tamilnadu government (perhaps for the first time) came to visit this area. and they literally threw up on the chemical stench that pervades here.

i reproduce the line from hindu report below:
"The stench was so overpowering that a couple of committee members started vomiting."

told ya. we have been telling all along that india's development in rural areas is fed by increasingly and wilful toxic companies that care a damn and which are ably supported by lobby groups such as confederation of indian industries (CII) and who 'take care' of all aspects with government so that they can destroy the surroundings putting tens of thousands of people in direct harm of pollution apart from huge livelihood impact.

well 'development' today has a new friend. the friend name is 'vomit'.


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