Monday, August 20, 2007

yeah yei hai right choice baby...

nope this is not an endorsement of the color sugar cola, which costs a few pennies to manufacture, which gets the raw material - the water - free of cost, which is sold even in remote places in abundance wherein even proper drinking water is not available, which is under huge scanner after repeated pesticide exposure by CSE...

this is an endorsement of remo fernandez on his declining in accepting the goa government award 'rajya sanman'.

in an open letter to the Government on Friday, Mr. Remo said that he was declining the award as a mark of protest against the “loot of Goa” by its Ministers, Opposition leaders and politicians, and referred to the “large-scale attempted rape and sale of Goa through the infamous Regional Plan 2011”, either actively or through their inaction.

goa, a picturesque place endowed with beautiful coast, an amazing culture, a mesmerizing western ghats is facing a brutal assault on its environmental and cultural angles. cseindia recently pointed out vividly how scary the situation is. whether it is goa's mining issues or china's growth and impact on goa or the flawed regional plan 2011 which remo has protested.

yeah yei hai fake development baby - that's what we have been singing too....
(celebrities like remo can bring instant attention to an issue. it will be wonderful if they can bring continuous attention to the deteriorating situation in india's environmental and social angles via fake development policies of the government).


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