Wednesday, August 22, 2007

communists of india, i think, are the most confused lot. one day they are for all equitable justice and next day there is police firing in singur. suddenly they are all for capitalist china's policies on economics (which in turn is leading to massive environmental destruction of china's natural resources) and the next day they are against public sector disinvestment.

suddenly they are all for land rights but when it came to narmada dam the protests from them were feeble to say the least. in kerala and west bengal they are fierce opponents to congress and at center they are comrades in arms.

in kerala, especially, the confusion turns more into 'fun-fusion'. it seems the electiricy minister wants the 'support' of industry ( i think in terms of destruction, displacement, brutalities, fake EIA's - of course in name of 'development') so that the 2 hydel dams (athirapally and pathrakadavu) can be bulldozed ahead.

of course this confusion has become total fun-fusion. or else how will somebody understand the minister statement below.
The Minister said the State Government was finding it difficult to go ahead with the Pathrakkadavu and Athirappally projects in the face of resistance from environmental groups, and called upon the industry to come to the defence of the Government. He felt that the industry had not done its bit to defend the Government in the wake of criticism from environmental groups.

so our kerala minister wants industry to 'defend' the government in wake of criticism for destruction that is being planned. if kerala government has been honest and effective when it comes to environment this funny (and sad) begging type of thing to industry would not have happened.

but again as i told you communists of india, are confused and fun-fused. they are communists one day, the next day they are china type neo communists and the third day they are capitalist. finally, i guess they don't know who they are, for if they have known, they would not have kept quiet so long when massive destruction of natural resources is happening in india.


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