Saturday, August 25, 2007

this blog had previously opposed india america nuclear deal. the reason were plain and simple -

that nuclear power is expensive,
that american communities across country has not allowed any new nuclear plant for past 30 years,
that our iraqi war zero mr.bush wants to help his friends in nuclear industries,
that after chernobyl there is total aversion which still lingers,
that coastal communities and coastal ecosystem will be slammed across india potentially by hundreds of power plants targeting around 30,000 mw,
that this new deal will envision more nuclear minerals mining in india creating several jadugoda's, that nuclear power is very expensive,
that america can transfer clean coal technologies, wind power and solar technologies, the last 2 of which is hot right now in increasingly environment conscious america
that several tadadi's, cuddalore's, koodakamkulam, dahanu, udupi kind of protests will erupt from already bulldozed coastal communities.
how will india's grid which is already leaking 30 to 40% of electricity produced can take up nuclear power that will come at an enormous environmental and economic costs
that india's danger in face of potentially hundreds of nuclear plants leaving it exposed to anti national attacks endangering tens of lakhs of people in case of any unfortunate thing happening.

in last 2 weeks, the not-so-left left parties of india are opposing the deal in the context that this deal will compromise india's sovereignty to america. but what about ecological sovereignty, what about coastal communities sovereignty, what about communities rights over their fishing reserves which can get slammed due to nuclear power plants.

before left can talk anything concerning india, they have to talk honestly. for it seems they have no honesty left in their arguments although they claim to represent poor and working class of india. shameful, truly shameful considering that left is no different that the center and the right.

and adding to this mix is our dow chemicals champion ratan tata who is telling that setback to nuclear deal will affect foreign investment in india. vowwww...i did not know that. foreign investment into india comes because of india's high skilled workers, it comes because of cheaper cost, it comes because of india's new ability to innovate (at least in software).

even if we sign or do not sign the india america nuclear deal, foriegn investments will come. he escalates this further telling that if the deal fails only pakistan and china succeeds. whoaaa...from when did ratan tata become a foreign relations expert. after singur where thousands of people are facing displacement in face of adamant tata attitude, after kalinganagar in which unarmed tribals were shot dead in cold blood, after he became a champion of dow chemicals which refuses to clean up and come honest in the bhopal gas tragedy....

india's nuclear deal has nothing to do with pakistan or china. we have to stop covering ourselves with pakistan and china flags if we are to make a honest due diligence of india america nuclear deal. pakistan with its internal challenges and china with its leapfrogging economic growth (associated with catastrophic human, democratic and environmental disasters) have no angle in india america nulcear deal.

it is time for india's middle class to oppose this deal because this brutal deal is being placed just because that india needs development. development we truly need. but not at cost of our environment and environment dependent people. not at cost of fake deals that will siphon of hundreds of thousands of crores of rupee. money which can be spent heavily on renewables, solar, wind power, grid strength, r&d, etc.


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