Thursday, August 23, 2007

kaziranga is a well known forest area habitated by the majestic one horned indian rhino. kaziranga also is a hotspot for poachers and encroachments because of its amazing diversity.

among the kaziranga's success in one horned rhino conservation is the field level officers and foresters like dharnidhar boro who was profiled in ibnlive.

amazing will be the least word to describe commitments of foresters like boro. he has taken no leave, his job is 24*7 and no off periods, he patrols on the jungle on duty in conditions which you can assume is not going to be easy. he does all this to protect one horned indian rhino an amazing species and also to preserve the world's heritage and india's heritage.

amidst the gloom and doom of india's forests, cases like kaziranga gives hope. hope that one day india's environment ,inspite of its huge challenges, can be like kaziranga.

for when rivers run clean, forests are healthy, balance between people and forests are maintained nicely, industries are not allowed to destroy ecosystems in name of 'development' - we will get true freedom. freedom of clean air, clean drinking water and cleaner and much healthier life.


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