Sunday, August 26, 2007

things are on quite a boil, fuelled by politicians, pertaining to formation of salem division of railway's in tamilnadu. kerala is concerned that existing palakad division of railways might be divided into 2 and has been opposing this.

without going into the pros and cons of this issue, this is like many other issue that is on the boil between several states of india.

now issues like this can explode if politicians play fire with it. without going into politics too much, last week in tamilnadu bought out the worst in politics and politicians. the ruling party in tamilnadu saw it fit to declare rail roko in which the government itself which was formed to protect the people, stood in silence as the ruling party men went on a rail roko blocking trains passing onto kerala.

this being a busy week for keralites for onam festival threw several hundred, perhaps several thousands keralites off guard. if intra state things like this is handled in a goon way by politicians, the southern states especially kerala, tamilnadu and karnakata will on fire 24*7*365. the opposition party of tamilnadu was virtually absent in this sordid episode perhaps with the idea that keeping quiet will get brownie points rather than opposing a totally undemocratic event that was taking place.

maturity, patience, due diligence, talks, etc should be the path in which tamilnadu government should engage kerala on inter state issues. threats, disruption, violence will not benefit anybody especially in the progressive state of tamilnadu. leadership, statemanship, long term vision, neighbour state relations, etc are the need of the hour.

worst of all, the politicians of tamilnadu saw it fit to greet keralites on onam soon after the incident. talk about hypocrisy, the politicians of tamilnadu have this in plenty. when their own rivers dying a brutal death, their culture which originated in their river beds fast vanishing, one thing that has stayed on amongst tamilinadu politicians seems to be hypocrisy.


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