Friday, August 31, 2007

we all love ice cream right. who does not. right from kids onto elder, onto students onto teenagers onto.....everybody loves ice creams.

and amongst the ice cream flavors, vanilla occupies a special place because of its smooth taste and rich aroma.

but do you know where this vanilla comes from. upto 99% of vanilla in our ice cream and food products comes from paper effluents, coal tar and petrochemical derivatives. the rest 1% comes from vanilla bean which is the natural vanilla grown in fields and processed to extract vanillin flavour. are right. i am throwing up. but what i tell is true. what seems to be happening is that our clever industry is so addicted to big time profits even basic information like this is not passed onto consumers.

the vanilla we eat is synthetic vanilla which comes from molecules out of black toxic paper effluents, coal tar and many other chemical discards. even if a small percentage of our ice cream industry tells that vanilla should be natural 100%, then it would be a huge boom especially for developing countries like india wherein vanilla farmers are under huge stress.

development means that taking care of the entire society in spite of what the market is being skewed up. if 1% is a big thing to be taken care of then little else can be said good about profit making industries which serve us mainly coal tar extracts and post paper effluent jellies.


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