Wednesday, September 05, 2007

our honorable minister of mining mr.t.subbarai reddy has a unique idea. as his official post tells, he want people of kerala to mine more and attain prosperity.

and looks like as per his statements they have to mine for china clay, illmenite, zircon, gold mining, sea sand mining among the ways in which mining can bring 'prosperity' to india. basically it looks he wants to mine every forest, every river, every sea bed and much more

and to bring prosperity, good working conditions, elimination of child labor in mines, to pursue good environmental practices, to increase gdp, etc his central government has opened the door of mining to multinational companies. (please control your laughter though)

and on top of these, new mining policies are on the anvil which will make investments (and hence 'development' i guess) in mining sector a very easy thing.

and last but not the least, he played down the possibility that large scale mining will damage environment and the reason he seems to be given is that 'new mining technology' will make mining environmentally safe activity.

i am glad not many keralites read this article and will be even more glad if not many keralites follow the minister remarks.

india's mining sector is a rogue one throwing all caution to wind causing displacement, destruction and environmental damage to wherever they are located. kerala already under huge environmental assault will do well to stay away from this 'developmental' ideas of our minister.


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