Thursday, September 06, 2007

one of parameters of a thriving, sustainable, viable, lively community/society/state/country is its arts & culture. if food is for the body, arts & culture is for the soul. as body is important so is soul.

many countries take the soul very seriously. and as part of that focus, they make sure their arts, dance, handicrafts, monuments, museum, historical buildings, forts, artifacts, etc are preserved and nourished.

we can hand india a poor score even on this front. as various state government compete against one another to attract investment in form of software sector, red tag industries such as chemical industries, leather industries, cement, mining and smelting, etc they forget that it is the mandate of the government also to protect and nourish the various arts & cultural verticals.

as hindu businessline points out in their picture (of charminar in hyderabad) india's monument is also a sign of decay and that decay is direct result of maniac focus on fake development.
(charminar in hyderabad. soot and vehicular exhaust are now the friends of charminar, just they are the friends of fake development)


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