Friday, September 07, 2007

one thing that happens when 'development' happens in rural area is that the ecosystem of the area gets slammed.

take for example villages in perundurai in middle tamilnadu. perundurai is in erode district of tamil nadu and as such is facing huge issues due to textile and dyeing units that care a damn about environment and its workers health.

a 400 acre lake called balathozhuvu is virtually useless due to massive pollution due to discharge of effluents from dyeing and processing units from sipcot.

the name sipcot, i guess, should raise fear, chaos and disaster in the villages located around it. promoted by tamilnadu govt, the objective of sipcot is to give land and other facilities for industries. this very nature makes it agnostic to the villagers around sipcot who suffer heavily just like cuddalore and now in perundurai.

this vital lake is now a dangerous place because of pollution and this causes massive water issues and because of the absence of drinking water, residents of a few villages cycle at least two km to fetch water.

and as per hindu, for others in the villages, Cauvery water is supplied by the respective panchayats but that comes only in a week or 10 days and that too for a few hours. (tell that to a urban elite that he will get water only once in a week and watch is reaction..LOL)

this pollution has stunned small ponds, ground water system, agriculture and hence the entire ecosystem.

poor villagers, they do not know that india's gdp is 9.3% as per their honorable finance minister who wants to push it to 10% of course by proposing more dyeing and textile units in perundurai.
(the polluted 400 acre massive balathozhuvu Lake, water source for six panchayats, is now useless due to wilful and easy pollution by dyeing and textile units. all in name of 'development'. picture copyright hindu)


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