Monday, September 10, 2007

we have been tracking the local reactions to the 'development' of power blasting, india-nuclear manna from heaven deal, coal power plants from tadadi, udupi, mysore, etc.

amidst this is the recent fast and aggressive moves by tamilnadu government on coal power plant front to setup a 1300 mw coal power plant in cuddalore (apart from having 4000 mw ultra mega power plant, that too 2 in number in the gorgeous village of cheyyur in east coast road).

sipcotcuddalore blog has put in a story about the public hearing in cuddalore on the 1300 mw power plant. if you are aware for any monster/mega/development kind of project, a honest public hearing (wherein local people can ask questions and express concerns) and a open, transparent environmental impact assessment (eia) is needed.

it looks like more than 1500 people from nearby areas of cuddalore vent their frustration on the plans of coal power plant which will no doubt screw up the livelihood (already impacted by brutal pollution) of several tens of thousands of marginalized people in the sipcot cuddalore region.

tamilnadu is a pioneer in wind power generation. it is high time they crank up on more wind power along with mandatory green building concepts, mandatory industrial conservation, mandatory software building codes, solar power generation, cutting down on t&d losses etc.

in order to benefit a tiny section of urban elite, more and more 'dirty development' should not be thrust upon the already beleaguered rural people.
(angry local people in front of collector and other officers during the 1300 mw coal power plant public hearing in cuddalore, tamilnadu. picture courtesy sipcotcuddalore blog )


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