Tuesday, September 11, 2007

sometimes some news are shocking to read. sometimes some articles written is shocking to read if its is minus logic and human touch. there are somethings that are numbing to read and its numbing because by the time you are reading you go far beyond shock phase.

the same thing happened to me as i read union minister of textiles remarks on farmers suicide in vidarbha region of maharastra. it seems he called debt-ridden, suicidal cotton growers of Vidharbha lazy and incompetent.

that's right. those farmers who committed suicide to fake development policies, cricket focussed absentee agriculture minister, massive debt due to wrong financial policies towards agriculture sector, high input costs on toxic chemicals and pesticides are lazy, incompetent and cowards.

whereas the very minister who is a minister because of the fact that people elected him in first place and whose government is only for the rich, richer and richest, all in name of development.

stomach turning, shocking, mind numbing, etc are not even the words to describe one's feeling when reading irresponsible statements like this. no wonder the latest central government should rename itself as the government of the richies of india via fake development policies.
(poor indian farmer is not only poor but also incompetent and lazy. had he been a urban indian he would be smart and suave and will be able to access 4.0% apr loan for honda city car.)


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