Thursday, September 13, 2007

blacksmith institute based in america, has published a study in which they have attempted to identify the list of most polluted place on earth.

not surprisingly, nearly a third of those places are in india and the communist-party/dictator-run china. and one of the interesting fact is that out of the places identified, four places in China and India in Blacksmith's "Dirty Thirty" where pollution potentially affects the lives of more than a million people.

more than a million people in just 4 places getting royally screwed due to 'development'. what was once fertile agricultural lands, thriving rivers, mangrove estuaries are now rotten industrial toxics dump. it will be shocking to go through the identified spots in south asia, with the pride being india. from gujarat onto tamilnadu onto orissa onto west bengal, each and every state ecosystem has been royally raped in name of toxic development.

as this blog has chronicled, india (and china) is a pet place for red tag industries like chemicals, cement, sponge iron, tanneries, textiles, mining which all operate with joyful abandon, all in name of development.


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