Friday, September 14, 2007

after the just and longest fast in sikkim history, to protest against the indiscriminate dam building in sikkim, the protesters broke their fast based on the sikkim chief minister personal appeal that the demands of the protesters will be considered and breaking of fast will pave for a peaceful atmosphere to conduct talks.

but the protesters led by affected citizens of sikkim (ACT) continued their relay strike. the government, we all know what it will do, gleefully constiuted the committee with mostly yes men. the chief secretary probably under orders from CM, is head of the committee and one of crucial demands of lepchas that at least 50% of the members should be from outside state and that too notable environmentalists have conveniently been discarded.

no wonder lepchas are announcing a sequence of events to protest further along with further relay hunger strikes.

this scenario was expected. from tamilnadu onto kerala to gujarat onto madhya pradesh to west bengal, individual governments are running after industries, big construction companies, skewing environment policies, displacing people - all for 'development'.


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