Monday, September 17, 2007

as this blog might have shown, i am not a big fan of big business. especially big business that abuse the environment and marginalized people, in name of 'development'.

when it comes to development, the comments by the business honchos of india are also shocking and irrelevant. their very factories slam a river or destroy the forests, but the same CEO will be participating in 'CII-Sustainable Environmental workshop' or their very foundation will be giving 'XYZ award on environment conservation'.

but i want to bring the comments from industrialist swraj paul on india-nuclear deal. he hits the bulls eye when he says the india america nuclear deal is irrelevant because much more than this proper reforms for india's business is needed. (i would like to add proper environmental regulations also to the reforms so that india does not become another toxic toy shop like china). and even in terms of electricity generation, nuclear power in india is low single digits (3000mw out of 1lakh mw) and also even with 40k mw proposed with nuclear plants, it will be less than 10% - a figure that can be achieved with electricity conservation, solar, green buildings, cutting down on t&d losses, etc.

i think he must be wondering the huge effort india is putting on this deal. if this effort is put on many other things in terms of power generation, we could have achieved far more results.

and another angle he brings is that with huge number of nuclear plant (atleast several tens if not hundreds) to produce the 40K mw electricity, what is the impact on this in case of a terrorist attack. we all know india is not america when it comes to anti terrorism efforts.

and he hits it rightly again when he says western world does not care about the deal. how true. only the nuclear industry lobby of western world is worried about the deal. most of the others in the west do not. for they are the one's who have rejected new nuclear power plants in their own communities.

let's give kudos to swraj paul and let he also speak honestly about india's degrading environment due to fake development policies of the government and industries.


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