Tuesday, September 18, 2007

as the fight over God escalates, many things have been conveniently forgotten in the sethu shipping canal project.

the fact that this disastrous project that dredges around 82 million tons of sand will destroy the ecology of the gulf of mannar, the fact that this hugely expensive project stands on weak financial footing, the fact that the very utility of the project is questionable, the fact that thousands of fishermen's livelihood is at stake, the fact that we know so very little about the treasure of gulf of mannar but are destroying it in name of 'development'.

as the sethu project got cleared amidst questionable environmental process by the project proponents, each and every political party started lobbying for credit easily forgetting that major sections of people living and fishing in gulf of mannar are opposing this project. the fact that dredging and project updates itself were questionable was easily brushed aside.

suddenly when it came to dredging the ram sethu bridge all hells broke loose. the political party and the people who were silent on the environmental degradation started protesting. to protest is human right. but to have kept silent so far on an environmental disaster in the making does not bode well.

now the project engineers are going to propose probably a different alignment without touching the sand formation of ram sethu bridge. but nobody will know or worry so far about the disaster this project is causing and will be causing further.

when it comes to fake development we all know environment is the much abused parameter. probably with a fake project called sethu even God is not being spared.
(dredging for sethu project. picture courtsey: hindu. massive mindless dredging will mean the biodiversity rich gulf of mannar will be ripped open with severe environmental consequences)


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