Thursday, September 27, 2007

as india 'develops' and as our politicians are being worked by our industrialists for 'development' one thing that misses the radar is the blatant tweaking of crucial policies that define the progress of the nation.

take for example, the mining policy. this policy is very vital as mining -that done in a sustainable manner with long term focus and which does not screw up forests, wildlife and villagers- is vital for any country growth.

but with loot and scoot mining policy of india all the parameters are abused often to 'develop' rich mnc's and industrialists.

in his well written article by manishi asher (of national centre for advocacy studies, Pune) argues correctly how blatantly mining policy is being defined in relentless pursuit of money, money and more money with resulting abuse, abuse and more abuse of our ecosystem and people who depend on those.

money and abuse go hand in hand with fake development that is happening right now in india.


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