Friday, September 28, 2007

as india manically chases new coal power plants crushing local protests amongst fishermen and agriculturists in name of development (of course development of the rich), california is pushing in opposite direction tapping the power of sun for solar power in massive way.

as bush administration lies and cheats the world -just like they did on the fake iraqi war- on global warning and india and china neither filling the vacuum of leadership in tackling climate crisis and not pushing america to take leadership role in climate crisis -seldom realizing that global warming will slam their country's poor rather than americans- california is taking an opposite direction by going in sustainable way.

and california is doing solar power in massive way turning it the saudi arabia of solar power. and california is targeting a massive 24000 mw of solar power - an unprecedented figure in the entire world.

not only these plans a huge boon for environment and climate, but also opens a new stream of employment opportunities in solar r&d, solar power equipments manufacturing, solar/solar thermal generation, etc.

this we should call true development. when green is the lion, you have to be the king who rides the lion. right now california is increasingly the king who is out to lead the world in new technologies that can fight climate crisis, a role that the bush administration, china and india will not do.(ausra's solar power plant in australia. ausra is planning massive solar power generation in california. california with its proactive sustainable policies is increasingly leading the world in tackling climate crisis. india has so far not done anything substantial to take leadership role in tackling climate crisis, instead in name of fake development pushing destructive policies of ecosystem and marginalized communities. picture courtsey mercurynews)


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