Friday, September 28, 2007

as iraqi war zero president bush embarks on his sudden last days image salvaging climate change game in what can be termed as 'climate wash', he is oblivious of one fact.

the fact is that energy guzzling ways of america is not only leading climate change all across the world and is causing and will be causing huge suffering in terms of changing climate patterns, rainfalls, glacier impacts, etc resulting in chaos to many in poor countries.

he is cleverly suggesting that each polluting country plan their own emission cut in way they deem fit so that 'their' economic growth does not get slowed or stunned. oh yeah right. if you ask an oil man to cut emissions he will tell this joke and tell more jokes in private.

this game is also a clever way of undermining the kyoto protocol which calls for definite and mandatory cut in emissions of america and developed countries.

one point to note is that china and india are increasingly showing up in the emission graph. china with its back end factory of cheap american goods to satisfy the every cheap goods clamoring american public is cranking almost one coal powered factory every week.

in this global connected world as american consumers are concerned with poor quality chinese products, each and every citizen in poor countries that are being increasingly impacted by climate change has the right to demand that the greatest country (and sadly the greatest polluter) stand up, take responsibility and be a leader in cutting emission norms.

john kerry is right and i quote him, "Voluntary hasn't worked and it won't work and we don't have time to play games anymore. There has to be a mandatory reduction requirement, we all have to be part of it and, frankly, the United States needs to lead".

voluntary will never work and when it comes to energy guzzling industries that do not care about earth, 'voluntary' means 'dont do it; dont care about it'.

it is time for america to be the leader in emission controls, in green technology and in climate change mitigation process. in this america can not only cut emissions but also create a huge number of jobs in the new green technology. and that leader can tell the slumbering countries like india to wake up and smell the green cheese and start truly developing in sustainable way.

will the president whose each and every move is haunted by the iraqi war disaster wake up and smell the reality. or will be be a double fiasco of iraqi war and damn-climate-change-president. the former is confirmed and the later is also getting confirmed in conducting useless conferences like the one that is happening.


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