Wednesday, October 03, 2007

let's close all discussions on the disaster called sethu samudaram canal project - sscp. let's tell in the mouth of all the people who support this disaster project that this project is fake. let's the 'almost ready' sscp project be an harbinger of fake projects in india.

after the destructive and fake EIA-ed narmada dam, the Sethu Samudram Shipping Canal project might be the biggest fraud every perpetuated in name of 'development'.

the increasingly bollywoodised rediff posted a powerful interview from O Fernandes, the convenor of the coastal action network which has opposed this fraud project from the begining. and the sad thing is that the project proponents pitting this project as the 'dream of tamils'.

which tamils. the tamils living on nice residential areas or the tamils slogging to catch fish off the coast. the tamils working in posh software companies or the tamils living in polluted sipcot cuddalore area. the tamil contractors thriving on sethu project money or the tamils whose have shoot at sight orders if they go near the dredging place. the tamil politicians who perhaps are making a kill out of the project or the tamils to whom the health of the gulf of mannar marine biosphere is vital.

this is a huge disaster of a project as as O.Fernandes calls and it directly hits at the root of the ecology, marine life and the livelihood of fishermen.

let stop this madness asap. the madness called ruthless 'development' and the madness called 'sethu samudram shipping canal project'.


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