Wednesday, October 03, 2007

finally HCL - one of india's leading software export house and hardware manufacturer - came out and said we will go green. they agreed to phase out PVC and BFR's from their computers apart from taking over old computers for safe recycling.

this, HCL should have done when greenpeace pointed out in the beginning. but atleast now HCL woke up. not only this move will be a boon for computer users/recyclers but also for HCL in terms of adding positive points to its image.

i should not be saying this even for argument sake but an important angle is that if not for the people of india, companies like HCL which have significant developed country exposure (in case of HCL it is the software development) have to be clean and green as they are looking at an crucial and vital population that uses HCL products (software) and can be put off by insensitive corporate policies.

better late than never. we need more companies in computer hardware/software to be role models and examples. it will be great if they can become one on their own without repeated intervention by greenpeace.


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