Monday, October 01, 2007

chattisgarh, one of india's newest states has been in the news wrongly of late. whether it is the salwa judum -the pro government force that seems to be doing things that a government elected by people should not do-, the or opening up of forests and mountains for 'development', this state and its elected officials think that money, fast money by destruction of people and forests are the way up to the future.

and as ibnlive points out amidst this turmoil, one doctor (Dr. Binayak Sen) via his NGO Jana Swastha Sahyog has been doing impressive work on the health care front. and the same doctor has been in forefront opposing the brutal policies of the anti naxalite force salwa judum in chattisgarh.

naturally in the largest democracy called india he is jailed and brutalized just for treating a former naxalite in jail, to whom the government has given 33 time visitation rights to Dr.Binayak Sen.

as the greatest democracy was the architect of iraqi blood bath, there are many mini iraq's that is being created by world's largest democracy amidst its own people. at the one angle of the problem is the control of natural resources by the people who live there amidst the forests and mountains and at the other angle is the elected government which chants the fake development mantra for corporations and brutalizes genuine individuals who are making ground level difference.

increasingly this blog is sounding like a left hand blog. but the way things are going in india in name of development, this blog should sound much more than a left hand blog.


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