Monday, October 08, 2007

tamilnadu government seems to take the lead in proposing ultra monster coal power plants. in cuddalore, in nagapattiam, in marakkan and in cheyyur regions, tamilnadu is proposing mega (1000 to 4000 mw) coal power plants either as full entity (built either by tamilnadu electricity board or national thermal power corporation) or as merchant plants (in which third party private builders build and run the plant and give electricity based on demand/supply at a profitable price).

and in that process, tamilnadu government seems to have conveniently forgotten that in these coastal areas, several hundred thousand people depend on the sea and neighboring lands for living, fishing, agriculture, etc.

and the coastal areas along with tamilnadu rivers that had been cradel of tamil language and civilization apart from feeding and giving livelihood for hundreds of thousands of people is getting to be brutalised and bulldozed - all in name of development of the mega iphone owning hip urban area upper middle class elites.

i could not but wonder to compare sunny states like tamilnadu, kerala, karnataka with that of california. california is forging ahead with thousands of megawatt of generating electricity with cutting edge solar power plants whereas other india states are destroying themselves with highly polluting coal power plant.

i guess instead of saying that india wants to be like america, we will be better off saying we want to do what california does.


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