Sunday, October 14, 2007

how low can the middle class and upper middle class pampered on fake 'development' policies of businessmen and politicians go?

they can go to any limits to assert their 'new sense of devloped india'. they can go so low as probably for the first time a cricketer has been abused with huge racial overtones.

this deplorable, condemnable, disgusting act should be condemned by all concerned especially the comatose indian cricket board headed by the suicide-damn-the-farmers agriculture minister.

it has been widely reported that andrew symonds, the australian cricket all rounder has been abused with 'monkey calls' and 'monkey chants' during the match in vadadora, in the state of gujarat.

it is a matter of great national shame that each and every indian need to be ashamed of and each and every indian should apologize to andrew symonds.

it is time for all indians and gujaritis to stand up and be counted and condemn this shameful incident.


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