Thursday, October 11, 2007

hcl computers, india's flagship computer hardware and software exporter has come with a new line of desktop's and laptops under their "HCL eSafe" program.

this is a very good move as of late hcl has been in firing line of environmentalists due to the usage of toxic components in their computer line. as per the press report, "The new desktops, HCL eSafe, are compliant with “restriction of hazardous substances” (RoHS) directive, having negligible or zero quantities of hazardous materials such as lead, cadmium and mercury and are easily recyclable."

and on top of this positive move, we have HCL tie up "chennai-based government approved recycling plant, Trishiraya, where all the collected products are recycled. People can submit their used mobiles, electronic gadgets and computers in our 200 collection centers across the country"

this is much more wonderful news worth emulating by other companies. this is not only a positive news for environment, it is also a good news that hcl should tap on to market their eco friendly products.

in environmental safeguards + company's eco friendly products we have a win win. win for environment and win for the company and ultimately the win for consumers in using a safe product and also living in a clean environment.

hopefully hcl will also feature aggressive power sipping chips and components, ease to use features to save power while idle, etc thereby making the computer more eco friendly.

well then, it is a win, win and a win. parameters like should reshape india's policies on sustainable growth and not the reckless growth.


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