Thursday, October 11, 2007

i have been to mangalavanam near high court in cochin. a wonderful lung in the increasingly polluted and congested cochin port city.

hindu had a wonderful picture. when i was there and met the forest officer in charge of mangalavam, they are already fighting new proposals to 'develop' mangalavanam.

without vital green lungs like mangalavanam places like cochin will be virtually unlivable. for that without greenery on roads, green lungs, green small parks, green round-tana's, green buildings - all of india will be unlivable.

with more and more buildings, massive cars and choked cities, we can call this 'development'. of course it is development for the person who travels in a nice car. but for the majority of pedestrians, urban poor, cyclists, this is anything but 'development'. (mangalavanam in cochin. a vital lung area for the increasingly polluted and choking cochin)


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