Monday, October 15, 2007

when will our icon steve jobs go green and when will our icon steve jobs go green without getting kicked by greenpeace.

in its latest findings, greenpeace has found toxic BFR and PVC materials in iphone's apart from the alarming fact that apple corporation does not have any worthwhile buyback recycling policy of its products.

greenpeace specifically says as "Analysis revealed that the iPhone contains toxic brominated compounds (indicating the prescence of brominated flame retardants (BFRs)) and hazardous PVC."

come on apple you can do definitely do better. Why the hell greenpeace has to kick your conscience each and every time you release a new product to point out the dangerous toxic chemicals you put inside.

Note that by going green not only you can get a huge boost for your products but also you get a new base of customers who like to buy environmentally friendly products. even a kid studying high school can tell this. it does not require greenpeace to point to your bad product components each and every time.

we all need real leaders and it is time apple and steve jobs stood up to be a real one and by pointing to those leaders we can tell the other businessmen (especially the one's in developing countries) that 'hey be like steve jobs is on environment angle'.

unfortunately it has not happened yet but it is not late yet.
(iphone and ipod from the iconic apple corporation. great products to have but toxic products to avoid. when can apple transform itself to a green company without being kicked and dragged into being so)


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