Friday, October 26, 2007

india, apart from say america, china and brazil, is one of the dam crazy nations of the world. dam, dam and more dams is the mantra.

as india's cities grow in an unsustainable manner in terms of energy and water, there is huge pressure from the urban elite for more and more of energy and water. this directly translates into more and more dams as elected officials of india are more than happy to join hands with contractors in building unsustainable dams.

the story ends not soon after the building of monster dams which is built mostly on top of fake eia and fake promises. after the dam is built, there is no effort in its maintenance, in its life span, in its working, etc.

the end result these monster dams are a direct threat to the people who live nearby these dam areas. the recent episode in chalakudy river in kerala is a glaring example of this. indiatogether story has the sorry state of india's dam's with kerala as the example.

dam, dam and more dams. damn, damn and damn the environment and the marginalised people. this is the one line summary of 'development' of india.


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