Thursday, October 25, 2007

at last we had the veteran communist leader v.s.achuthanandan is making correct noise regarding the crucial silent valley national park.

words cannot express how important this forest area is for the importance of kerala and india. one of the few remaining western ghats region that is untouched and pristine, this region is an eco treasure spanning many thousands of years apart from being the drinking water source of many tens of thousands of keralites via its various rivers.

let entire silent valley region (including buffer zones) be declared protected forever and no damn dams will be ever allowed to destroy this important place.

silent valley is an example of the greatest failure of development wherein even important ecosystems are being threatened ('developed') day in and day out to build unsustainable dams to satisfy the lust of urban elites who pile upon gadgets upon gadgets and waste energy while living in unlivable cement buildings that suck electricity every second.

minor changes in lifestyle by elite of india will mean major protection to india's environment resulting in sustainable living and development of india.


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