Tuesday, October 23, 2007

amidst the earning calls for several american companies last week one news stood apart. it was not an earnings call but as that of 'accountability' call.

the caller was the house committee and the callee was yahoo! inc, the internet behemoth. i have blogged on how environment and people rights is being eaten up in relentless pursuit of 'development' and in a similar way (and also in a dangerous way) internet is also being used by china to target individuals who are demanding more democracy and freedom (or free speech if you will).

i would not have blogged if it was not for yahoo!. yahoo! being an internet pioneer ought to have acted more responsibly when it was turning over emails relating to an individual to chinese authorities. of all the things in the world, yahoo is the pioneer of internet, the very internet that fosters more choice and more freedom. and worst of all, yahoo! seemed to have lied to the american authorities in this case and hence the call by house committee.

the day when yahoo! turned over critical information to chinese authorities (probably for being in good books of chinese), was indeed a tragic day for the individual(s) who got arrested and for internet.

india's fake development and yahoo!'s fake act in turning over the individual(s) both are tragic.


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