Wednesday, October 31, 2007

there was no drum beating, there were no huge lorries ferrying people, there were no press coverage like the one for sensex 20000, there were no VIP's lined up.


there were tens of thousands of people marching. there were tons and tons of feeling of betrayal of 'developed' india. there were tons and tons of hope at the same time on those tired legs and brave hearts.

last week around 25000 marginalized people from several north indian states reached delhi. not by fancy cars, not by sexy jeeps and not by massive lorries. but by foot. they walked several hundred kilometers for more than a month telling their sad stories.

what are their stories. their stories is the hidden story of 'developed' india. of polluted villages, of displaced hamlets, of brutalization in name of SEZ, of non implementation of vital land policies, of fancy industrial hubs that is displacing them in name of fake 'development'.

walk did they,
talk did they,
cry did they,
to make 'developed' india sit up,

walk did they,
tired were they,
brave onto themselves,
to make 'shining' india take notice,

walk did they,
sing did they,
peace onto themselves,
to make india truly everyone's

the count was 25000 people. but there are tens of millions of people who are in the same sad boat left brutalized by the tiny section of 'developed' india.


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