Thursday, November 01, 2007

from when on sethu project became 'vital' to national security?. there was no sethu project for past i think oh yeah right 2000000000 years and india's security did not get compromised and now as per our honorable minister for shipping the sethu project is 'vital' to india's defence.

and oh yes right, those who oppose the fake sethu project are anti nationals. and we should not be surprised to see comments that "those who oppose belong probably to Pakistan's ISI or some kashmir groups or perhaps some naxalite groups".

when it is a fake project as this blog has repeatedly pointed out it is a fake project. fake has no other word to tell it is fake. to justify the fake sethu project, several things are thrown at namely, 'vital to national defence', 'development of india', 'india economic symbol', 'india's southern gateway'.

what is not being thrown at is the fact that environmental impact assessment (eia) was a fake one, tens of thousands of fishermen are seeing economic catastrophe because of impact on fishing in the gulf of mannar reserve, hundreds and hundreds of crores of rupees being pumped into a project that is a financial disaster....

the word fake has to be replaced by the word 'sethu project'. and sethu project along with the india america nuclear deal is the 'crowning glory' of a 'shining india'.


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